Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama Trust aims to achieve a comprehensive settlement of the historical claims for the benefit of future generations for all Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama whanau. Your membership is an important part of this settlement process and we urge you to participate by registering here online.

Why Register?
If you are of Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama descent, you are a beneficiary of Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama. By registering as a beneficiary, we undertake to keep you informed, maintain an accurate record of the register and ensure you have the opportunity to have your say at any hui or electronic communication sent to you from the Trust in relation to any decision making processes associated with the settlement of the historical claim.

Who Can Register?
In order to register as a beneficiary of Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama, you must be able to trace descent from a hapu of Ngati Tama ki te Upoko o te Ika. This includes all children regardless of age. If a child is under 17 years old, a parent or guardian can sign on their behalf.

If you want to register and think you are from Ngati Wai Hapu o Ngati Tama iwi but are unsure of your whakapapa, our Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama Trust may be able to assist you.

Call John Cribb 04 293 1543 or email us at

What Information Do I Have To Provide?
The primary information required, beside personal details, is your whakapapa. You are required to provide your whakapapa to a grandparent or great-grandparent who is of Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama descent. If you wish to whakapapa back further, this would be most welcome. In the unlikely event that we have questions of clarification in relation to your Whakapapa, the Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama Trust will contact you.

You can begin filling in your Registration Form now online below:

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I acknowledge the introduction to this
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related to Ngati Wai o Ngati Tama Trust or its successor and I declare that
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If you prefer not to fill this Registration
Form out online, please email

and request a Rego Form and we will gladly send you a pdf
form. Fill it out and return to the address below.  


Ngati Wai O Ngati Tama

PO Box 94

Otaki 5512

New Zealand

or scan and email it
back to:

Once we have received your form your registration will be confirmed.

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